CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator: Enabling Real Estate Agents To Take Control Of Their Lead Generation And Generate Business On Demand

*Generate Exclusive Leads Online And Set Appointments Through Text Message

Generate Exclusive Leads Online And Set Appointments Through Text Message

Learn how to generate your own exclusive leads using Facebook ads and convert them into qualified appointments using automated text messaging

Learn how to generate your own exclusive leads using Facebook ads and convert them into qualified appointments using automated text messaging

 Changing the Lives of Real Estate Agents
Join other real estate agents who have chosen to stop paying the big companies and agencies to generate leads.  Implement our proven strategies and start generating your own exclusive leads without paying thousands and thousands to Zillow or an ad agency!

As a CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator Member...

You have access to the EXACT SYSTEM used to generate thousands of leads and convert them into appointments!

CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator Facebook lead training that transforms your business....

THE FACT IS: You cannot have a consistent real estate business relying on referrals, word-of-mouth, or sphere of influence.  Learning to effectively market your business online and generate quality leads is the only way you can create a steady, predictable source of closings!

CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator was developed after thousands of generated leads and appointments. CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator will take you STEP by STEP through the EXACT process that we've used time and time again to generate quality real estate leads! Here is just a snapshot of what you all learn:  

What You Will Learn That Can Change Your Real Estate Business Forever!

  • Facebook Ad Setup
  • ​Targeting
  • ​Proper Ad Copy and Images
  • ​Lead Capture Form Setup
  • ​Automatic Lead Follow-Up - 365 days of pre-built text messages, emails and ringless voicemails done for you
  • ​Connecting your leads into your follow campaign automatically
  • ​Automated Lead Qualification
  • ​How To Start Getting Leads In The Next 24 Hours
  • ​Much More

Just  A Sample Of The Content That Will Available To You As A Gross Profit Success University Member..

The GPS University Will Transform Your Business!

You Cannot Have Strong Net Profit Without Gross Profit Controls...

GrossProfitSuccess (GPS) was developed after more than $5 Billion worth of residential HVAC replacements, sales and services calls and it is NOW available to you. GrossProfitSuccess University will take you STEP by STEP through the EXACT process that the biggest companies in the country! Here is just a snapshot of what you all learn:  
  • Organizational chart stragegies
  • How to implement proper over-head cost controls
  • Accounting processes your book keepers done even know about
  • ​Minimum standard pricing to always guarantee a profit
  • ​How to pay your field employees so they become your #1 fans recruit the best talent for you!
  • ​How to set up a mature selling strategy
  • ​How to build your marketing budget so you can scale
  • ​What types of marketing to use
  • ​The software you should use to mange your business call by call
  • ​How to set up your maintenance pricing and strategic program
  • ​How to properly run services calls to maximize profits take advantage of ALL opportunities 
  • ​How to set up the USA industry leading consumer financing program
CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator Was Created For Agents Like You...

Running a successful real estate business can be stressful.  Inconsistencies in lead flow lead to inconsistent paychecks and a lot of headaches.  

Not knowing where your next commission will come from will leave you constantly wondering if this business is really worth it.

  • Stop​ paying others to market your business for you
  • ​No more guessing games, just follow step by step and set up your lead generation ads
  • ​​Maintain a steady flow of leads and make sure each lead is followed up with automatically
Facebook Lead Gen Secrets

There are a lot of "gurus" and "agencies" out there promising you mountains of leads... But not before you pay them thousands in set up fees and commit to thousands of dollars per month.

Have you ever thought, "If there are this many agencies promising leads, maybe what they're doing isn't that hard"?  

Well, you're right.  With just a little training, you can empower yourself to set up your own lead generation and take control of your lead flow.

No more relying on OTHER PEOPLE to get leads! 

Automate Your Follow Up! 

Generating leads is the first part...

Turning those leads into sales is another game.

We'll show you how you can connect with your lead INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY using text message automation.  Each and every lead will go into an automatic follow up campaign that will nurture your leads into appointments for you!  

Never miss an opportunity again! 

Close More Sales

With a proper lead generation funnel in place and the necessary automations to turn those leads into appointments it's now your time to shine.  

Start having MORE conversations and turn MORE of those conversations into closings!

Book Your Call with the CHIIRP Real Estate Acclerator Team Now!

  • Generate your own leads with Facebook ads
  • Automatically follow up with them
  • ​Let automation find the qualified leads
  • Get more appointments
  • Close more sales
  • We'll be with you every step of the way!

The CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator Membership Organizes Everything In One Convenient Place  And  Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Grow and Profit and Take Your Life Back!

A Snap Shot Of What Awaits You...

Facebook Ads For Lead Generation

Connecting Your Leads Into Automatic Follow Up

Automated Text Message Follow Up Campaigns Pre-Built For You

3 additional bonuses that will help you capture more leads

Don't Just Trust Us... We Have Lots Of Happy Members

Join the other real estate agents who are benefiting by implementing the CHIIRP Real Estate Accelerator program

What If You Could Close 1 to 3 More Deals Each Month?

Meet Ryan

Founder, CEO

  • Generated $500,000 in annual recurring revenue, 2019
  • ​Generated over 100,000 Leads, 2018
  • ​Created automated SMS software to skyrocket conversions, 2018
  • ​Built  Facebook lead campaigns that see up to 10X ROI, 2017
  • ​Launched Lead Gen Campaign that did $4,000,000, 2017
  • ​Generated over 6,000 appointments, 2016
  • ​Facebook lead campaigns that do over $50k/month, 2016 

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